Bondi Vite is a Sydney-based health company that purposefully formulates premium products to support the journey of elite and everyday athletes.

The Bondi Vite difference

Premium-quality, Australian-made vitamins

Founded by ex-professional rugby player, Damien Fitzpatrick, Bondi Vite was built on a foundation of driving performance. Each product is purposefully formulated by industry experts and uses active ingredients at their upper recommended dosage levels to ensure maximal performance benefit.

Our Philosophy

Your journey, our support

Bondi Vite is committed to refining the limits of over-the-counter complementary medicines and strives to provide products that support the most elite sporting professionals, while also giving a real edge to the training and recovery of everyday athletes.

Our Story

A career as a professional athlete is not without its challenges.

Damien’s journey was no different. A genetic knee defect threatened to end his career before it even had time to begin. Prospects looked dim. To continue his dream meant going down a surgical road that no rugby player had walked before. He decided to roll the dice. This decision changed the path of his sporting career and with it his attitude and perspective on preventative wellbeing forever.

To be a professional athlete requires huge amounts of repeated physical stress on your body. Recovery is vital. After surgery, Damien was introduced to the world of complementary medicine as a form of recovery. The benefits were astounding. He began to search for the best products on the market that would support his recovery and enable longevity for his sporting career. Damien soon discovered that finding the best products wasn’t easy and meant purchasing specific products from a multitude of brands. He began to think; how can I make this process easier for people like himself? What was missing?

The Journey Continues

The Bondi Vite company was born.

Damien’s vision was a single health brand that purposefully formulated only high strength, premium grade products, suitable to support the needs of both elite level and everyday athletes.

Living an active lifestyle is at the heart of the Bondi culture. As a proud Australian and Sydney local, embedding this culture into the company was the final ingredient.

At Bondi Vite we hold everyday active living at the core of our DNA.

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